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Video SEO for Small   Businesses THE RIGHT WAY in New Zealand!

Get in front of your customers with professional     video marketing for your BRAND that is Ranked on Page 1 of Google Search results!

What To Expect From Our Video Trends?

Video SEO Services are utilized to optimize video content so that it ranks well in major and minor search engines.

The goal when working with a video SEO company is to have your video content appear in organic Google search engine results, with web traffic being directed to your website or to call your business.

Data clearly shows that retention rates for video content are far greater than those related to text content, making it quite clear that video is an extremely powerful sales tool.

Our highly trained team is working 24/7 to ensure you get the results you want in a short period of time.

Our Dedicated Team Knows How To Generate More Sales
Step 1. Analyse your website for it’s on-page SEO stats, and compare it to your competitors stats. This Takes away the guess workd to getting ranking.

Step 2.  A Professional Press Release. Our Press release copy writers can write up a 300 plus word article, regarding a Newsworthy event about your Business.

Step 3.  We will work with you to create Videos showcasing your business and its services. To be added to your blog, social media, and marketing campaigns.

Step 4.  Ranking your website and videos for lucrative search terms, on Page 1 of Google Search results!  We start to create a custom plan for your business and then we execute it.

Press Release Submission

These are a few of the different ways you can use an online press release:

  • Increased visibility and credibility
  • Enhance online reputation for a business
  • Kick start or boost a viral campaign.
  • Rapid indexing of your website by Google.
  • Rapid high authority backlinks.
  • Rapid rankings and traffic.
  • Picking up media coverage online and offline.
  • Boost Ranking  in the Local Google 3 Pack where applicable.

Our Professional Press release copy writers can write up an article, regarding a Newsworthy event for your Business.

This will be available for you to review before publishing.

Our HIGH QUALITY Video Marketing Services
Our Strategies will Rank Live Streaming and Youtube Videos on Page 1 of Google in 1-6 months (per relevant keywords).

When videos are ranking on page 1 to start a monthly maintainance procedure to maintain those rankings.

Google is the Best Source for Local and National Leads.

We are 100% compliant with Google and Youtubes  Ranking Algorithm Systems.

High Quality Video Marketing Services

Your business is about to get it’s biggest UPGRADE!

Let our Team of Video Editors and online marketors handle all your  Video Marketing needs!

We will take your videos or create new ones from scratch and help your business generate new leads with professional looking videos! That’s not even all! We can Rank your Videos on #1  in Google search results for your business keywords and get you the video traffic boost you need! And we will also research the more Lucrative Keywords

The sooner the better! Let’s get STARTED TODAY and turn your old videos into branded and engaging ones that are more likely to be shared over social media channels and bring more free traffic to your business! We also offer guarantees. Contact us for more details.

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